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Podcast: New Thinking on Economic Development Investments

There is a significant body of literature that establishes the link between infrastructure investment and economic growth. It is less clear how do this intentionally and communicate to the public what return-on-investment they may anticipate from new infrastructure. In reality, the professional paths of infrastructure planners and economic developers rarely intersect. Noah Siegel discusses his work with Portland’s Metro Regional Government and the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program to develop a new tool—the Economic Value Atlas—to change the way we think about infrastructure in our local economies.

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New C40 program to measure green growth

MSH founder, Noah Siegel, has worked closely for several years with C40 Cities, a network of the world’s leading cities leading cities looking to address climate change.

One initiative we are particularly excited about is an effort to create standard measures for green growth. Just like we look to GDP, housing starts, and the DOW for indications of the broader economy, we need a clear set of measures for transitioning to a post-carbon economy.

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